Loose Teeth

Patients experience tooth loss for a number of reasons. Tooth loss can be the result of injury, decay, or gum disease (periodontal disease). Early detection of gum disease symptoms and treatment can help avoid loose teeth and tooth loss. Jennifer R. Merritt, DDS can address these issues and provide periodontal care for Fort Collins CO patients.

It is important to replace missing teeth. The loss of even one tooth can throw off the alignment of your bite. The uneven bite causes the surrounding teeth to shift, become loose, and create pockets where the bacteria promoting periodontal disease can take over. Periodontal disease destroys the supporting tissue and bone resulting in further tooth loss.

Loose teeth can be one of the many gum disease symptoms. If you have loose teeth, it is imperative for you to schedule an appointment to discuss treatment to avoid tooth loss and replace any missing teeth. Loose teeth can be the result of advanced periodontal disease or an uneven bite.

Improperly aligned and loose teeth can make foods more difficult to chew properly. Chewing is the first stage in digestion and your teeth play a vital role in meeting your nutritional needs. Diets restricted to foods that are soft and easily chewed usually provide low nutritional value.

Loose or missing teeth can affect your speech and appearance. The loss of teeth can make your face look sunken adding years to your looks. Patients with loose or missing teeth may have difficulty pronouncing certain words or have a lisp when speaking.